Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps

We are pleased to present Interactive Maps to assist you with planning your trip around the North West Highlands Geopark and giving you all the information you need to make responsible decisions while you are here!

As a UNESCO Global Geopark we take our responsibilities to the host communities seriously and we hope these tools will go some way in helping relieve traffic congestion, littering and wild-toileting pressures being put on the environment.




Interactive Map | Categories

  • Automated External Defibrillators
  • Bicycle Parking Racks
  • Bicycle Pumps
  • Camping Facilities (including gas refill, fresh water, chemical disposal etc)
  • Cash Machines (including Mobile Banks)
  • Convenience Stores
  • Food to go, Cafes & Restaurants
  • Fuel Stations (including petrol, diesel, lpg and electric hook-ups)
  • Medical & Health Centres
  • Parking Spaces (Official & Unofficial)
  • Points of Interest
  • Post Offices
  • Public Telephones
  • Public Toilets
  • Public Waste Bins
  • Recycling Collection Points (including Bottle Banks)



The content of these maps are correct at the time of publishing. However note some businesses do change their opening hours between Summer and Winter seasons so it is always advisable to make your own enquiries first. Please should you be aware of any incorrect information let us know as soon as possible.


Parking Warning

If all the designated parking spaces are already full and you can safely park, not obscuring the road then take a common sense approach to using an unofficial place. But make sure that you do not park overnight and never park in a passing place or blocking access to a gate, whether or not it is for agricultural purposes. Above all be aware of your surroundings, where emergency services might need to pass or gain access, if the tide comes in or during heavy rainfall flash-flooding or land-slides. Never block anyone else in, they maybe a voluntary emergency service on call or needing to get to a shout to save someone’s life. Please think very carefully before you park in an unofficial space.





If the bin in your current location happens to be full or worse overflowing, please use a common sense approach, do not simply leave your rubbish on or near that bin. Please take your waste with you to the next available bin. If there is nothing readily available kindly visit a Recycling Centre and if it is glass you are trying to dispose of then there are also Bottle Banks at key locations. Please help us keep the Geopark clean and tidy.



There are a limited number of Public Toilets in the North Highlands, we recommend that you come prepared! Keep a look out for the Public Toilets in the larger villages and when you find one, use it! The alternative in #RespectProtectEnjoy is to Bag It, Bin It! You will need bags, which you should find at most convenience stores. Again help us keep the Geopark clean and tidy and protect our environment. Whether travelling in your own campervan or motorhome, or in a hire vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure you leave no trace of your travel and dispose of your waste in the correct manner.


Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.


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The Rock Stop

The Rock Stop is the North West Highlands Geopark visitor centre, coffee shop, and exhibition centre. We are also the central hub for the North West Highlands Geopark.  The shop sells everything from books on the local geology to gifts and information packs.

The Rock Stop Opening Hours

We are ready to welcome customers to the ROCK STOP! Visit our geology exhibition and local craft shop. Serving hot and cold drinks and snacks – sit in our café, outdoor seating area or take something away with you on your exploration of our beautiful countryside.

The Rock Stop is now open for the 2024 season. Open Saturday – Wednesday from 10:00 – 16:00.

Useful Links

Did you know that we are currently running a three year programme to develop the Geopark? Check out our Access, Connect Take-Part page!

We all have a part to play in caring for our Geopark.

If you are hunting for fossils or seeking out rocks be sure to follow the Scottish Fossil Code and the Geology Fieldwork Code